About Emily

Living in Penobscot County, and representing mill towns like Old Town and Lincoln, I’ve seen first-hand the struggles of working families when their jobs disappear. We need 21st century solutions that once again make Maine a leader in the industries that provided us a good life—farming, fishing, forestry, and manufacturing—and create new opportunities to help rural Maine’s economy thrive.

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Congressman Poliquin’s Disgraceful Dodging

June 29, 2016 - Congressman Poliquin’s Disgraceful Dodging Poliquin Brings Political Calculation into Basic Questions   Congressman Poliquin has made an art form of hiding his beliefs. “Who are you supporting for President?” is a basic question and an important one: it gives voters vital insight into a candidate’s values. But the Congressman has steadfastly refused to answer questions Read More

Cain and Poliquin Tied at 45/45

June 23, 2016 - Cain and Poliquin Tied at 45/45 Polling Shows that Voters Distrust Congressman Poliquin The first poll of the 2016 Maine 2nd District race shows that the general election campaign will be a nail biter. The campaign begins at a dead heat between Emily Cain and Congressman Poliquin: 45% to 45% with 10% undecided. The poll Read More