About Emily

Living in Penobscot County, and representing mill towns like Old Town and Lincoln, I’ve seen first-hand the struggles of working families when their jobs disappear. We need 21st century solutions that once again make Maine a leader in the industries that provided us a good life—farming, fishing, forestry, and manufacturing—and create new opportunities to help rural Maine’s economy thrive.

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Cain for Congress Releases New Video

August 23, 2016 - Cain for Congress Releases New Video Video Highlights Congressman Poliquin’s Vote to Cut Social Security and Medicare   The Cain for Congress campaign released a new video this weekend calling attention to Congressman Poliquin’s self-serving vote to help his Wall Street donors at the expense of Maine seniors. That vote, on the 2015 Price Budget, Read More

Collins Takes a Stand, Poliquin Takes a Pass

August 9, 2016 - Collins Takes a Stand, Poliquin Takes a Pass Poliquin’s Political Calculations Exposed By Collins’ Principled Stand Senator Collins wrote last night that she would not support Donald Trump for president. This principled position stands in stark contrast to Congressman Bruce Poliquin, who has refused to even say Trump’s name, pretended he didn’t attend a meeting Read More